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This page is for and about musicians who are active on the Internet. I started this mainly because I'd like to encourage other people to check out these cool people's music (and my own band, TWISTED HELICES), but now I am beginning to acquire a cool collection of truly "independent" music. Why go independent? Check out my review of the Maximum Rock 'n' Roll reprint Everything you've wanted to know about major labels. Also, read my DiY guide, the Free Music Philosophy, and look up the list of free music advocates, for ideas on how to go about recording and distributing your music.


Under each artist's name I include other popular bands who I think are similar. This isn't the best way to do it, but I think it is an efficient way of judging whether or not you will like the artist in question for further investigation. Check out my choices for the best recordings and concerts, which include many independent artists.

Borgia Popes
Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath.
Brian Meloon
Thrash instrumental guitar; Testament, Savatage.
Broken Men
Rolling Stones, The Who.
Carnage Asada
Punk/Classic Rock parody.
Jazz-rock with blues.
Chapter 11
Dead Kennedys, Pogues.
Melodic hard rock/metal.
Dalmatian Car
Minimalistic punk with a tinge of pop.
David Zax
Synth-pop to weird vocals and cool guitar.
Dead Republican
Lo-fi DiY; Pavement, Rage Against the Machine.
Denny Fohringer
Van Morrison, Joe Satriani.
Nine Inch Nails, Ween.
Dick Whiskey
Ween, Fred Schneider.
Dynamic Ribbon Device
Hardcore, Thrash.
Police; Rock.
Farces Wanna Mo
Ween, Beck.
Weird avant-garde music.
Finneus Gauge
Jazzy, funky, progressive rock; King Crimson, Echolyn
Fight Prime Time
A mostly-pop compilation.
Five Cent Buddha
Experimental noise/deconstruction.
Experiment avant-garde. Trippy.
Giant Ant Farm
Pogues, Levellers, Danny Elfman.
Tori Amos, Nine Inch Nails.
Police, the Beatles; minimalistic rock with tribal instrumentation.
John Sealander
ABBA, Eurythmics.
John the Baker with Slimy Penis Breath
Punk; Motörhead, Ramones
Laika and the Cosmonauts
Ventures; Surf music.
Magical Animal
Ween, early Syd Barrett; ambient.
Dream Theatre; progressive rock.
MD 19
Progressive/electronic rock.
Meat Dept
Noisy punk rock.
Metal Sniff
Self-indulgent Noise.
Michael Townsend
Weird stuff.
Muy Dainty
Thrash metal.
Jazzy syncopated rock.
ABBA, Eurythmics, Madonna.
Genesis, Yes, Queen; Keyboard art rock.
Richard Hunter
Solo harmonica; indescribable.
Richard Mortimer
Bryan Adams; guitar-based power pop.
Ric Hickey
Bob Dylan, Beck.
Runaway Weiner Dog
Beck; lo-fi punk.
Ritchie Blackmore, Eric Johnson; instrumental electric guitar.
Mr. Bungle; Noise.
The Dave Williams Project
Acoustic Guns 'n' Roses.
The Great Kat
The Holy Barbarians
Sensitive acoustic music.
The Hooded Crow
R.E.M, Black Crowes; College Rock
The MoFS
Ween; weird stuff, funny.
The Twisters
ZZ Top; Classic Rock.
The Vacation Bible School Sound
Contemporary Alternative.
Psychefunkapus; jazz-thrash-funk.
Tim Elder
Early David Bowie; Noise Rock.
Tim Scott
Ozric Tentacles, Tangerine Dream.
Time No Reason
Live, Ruth Ruth; rock.
Psychotic punk.
Rush; progressive rock.
Wilfred N. and the Grown Men
Beach Boys, Beatles; pop.
Woof Woof
Psychefunkapus; reggae-influenced punk rock.

Artists who'll talk to you!

Aaron Trubic
Bass player & recording engineer, vocalist, cellist, and minimalist.
Metal music with harmony, gripping, savage, hard, and fast.
Alan Andrews
"Like Johnny Cash, Tom Waits, and Leonard Cohen having a cocktail." --DJ Vin Scelsa of WNEW-FM in New York.
Alan Horvath
plays acoustic 6-string guitar, using "open" tunings, and sings with raw sincerity. His songs are well crafted and have been praised by some of the best. If you like acoustic stuff with lyrics, here you are. He also offers free tutorials on playing acoustic guitar at his site!
original abstract electronica.
Art of the Mind
is a South African "mind artist" who writes lyrics that make sense and a lot of lyrics that don't make sense.
Atomik Art
on eight cylinders. A breathing locomotive. Rich, deep, hydraulic earth tones, flaking, frail, loose rust all basted in thick, wet layers of glistening coolant and diesel. Living dead machinery.
A Quirky Fellows Musicpage
Relatively odd, strangely peculiar, sort of unpredictable, yet sometimes perfectly normal music.
are sonic butchers. Aural vivisectionists, sculpting sweet lullabies out of raw meat. Imagine laughing until you cry, then crying until you laugh, then gargling until you laugh and choke and almost die and have a near-death experience, but it's really fun. That would give you no idea how innovative, bizaare and fun Bapudi are.
Battery Apple
If you dig slammin', heavy, rock with a groove à la bands like Primus, you'll probably be into them.
is a modern heavy rock band from Cleveland, Ohio. Our signature sound is defined by the fact that we have a black female R&B singer!
Black Dog Bob
Country rhythm 'n' blues.
play folk rock and country music love songs.
Body Level
The goal of Body Level is to combine cutting-edge Hard Rock with the maturity of Adult Contemporary and the movement of Dance.
A band from Sweden making music that's different from what you hear in the mainstream.
Borgia Popes
is a gleaming monster from scavenged parts of psychedelia, glam, goth and art rock; a three-limbed homunculus that pushes the parameters of pop.
Brett Service
is a singer/songwriter guitarist from Chatham, Ontario, Canada, who plays acoustic music. His influences include Bruce Cockburn, Gordon Lightfoot, Dan Fogelberg, Van Morrisson, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, and the Indigo Girls.
Brown Derby Junction
Brown Derby Junction is a 9-piece swing band out of the small town of Annville, Pennsylvania.
Brownstreet Manhattan
is a Detroit band that plays a lot of blues oriented material that is always tumbling from the past into the future. ost songs feature female vocals like velvet and harmonica like margarine in a microwave.
Independent instrumental traditionally inspired music made by one man, one guitar and one PC.
Chaos Theory
Chaos Theory is Trenton NJ's addition to the original heavy metal scene, and is fighting all the trends and pushing forward with heavy, agressive, and angry music!
Charlie Miranda Experience
Visit this site and witness the most astonishing performance and impersonation of Jimi Hendrix available in the US.
Clochard is an independent pop band from Regensburg, Germany. Their sound is located somewhere near British alternative without simply copying it.
is quality Original Dark Electronica of many/all genres made entirely at home on the PC with cheap software or freeware, enjoy at your peril.
Controlled by Bees: Video Art For Noise
Experimental Noise, Tribal Sounds for Abstract thinking. Video Installation Video Projection. Visuals for Live Bands.
Cortex Bomb
"The world's greatest jazz band. They'll fuck you up, steal your car, and run a 3 minute mile with their shoes on the wrong feet." --Thora-zine
Dante Joseph
has hundreds of original songs of all types, including blues, rock, contemporary country, spiritual rock, easy listening, instrumentals and more available for licensing.
David Jon
Indie original alt rock that has a little bit of everything to offer in this vast rock genre.
is a solo electronic musician and patroit Australian.
Pop sound art eclectic, sometimes strange, sometimes beautiful. Drawing inspiration from the surrounding environment, stream of thought structures.
Diminished Responsibility
an unsigned computer based rock band from the UK.
Dorian's Page Free Music
A classically trained musician who writes songs for Hollywood now. Based out of San Diego, his music has a New York edge.
Dreams in Exile
"If you could relieve late Cocteau Twins of what little aggression they had, you would have Dreams In Exile's florid fantasy music." --Snap.com
Duke Resonant
We're Duke Resonant, an Artrock band with lo-fi electronica influences, mixing anything that comes to mund with anything else, nothing is sacred We believe that your band has a right to exist, too, and we should all help each other For a friendly Twin Cities contact, email us through the links on our web page!
makes the mad feel mello-dramatic and the emotional feel insane.
New experimental artist with unbound potential.
Electric Shaman
is a one man band, influenced fron various krautrock, ambient, and rhythmic dance bands.
Eliza Blue
Rockabilly, blues, and progressive rock.
is primarily the brain-child of producer Zappa Kaufmann.
Evil Dick and the Spittle Brothers
have been described as psycho western cow punk (or deconstructionist western music).
Evolution Control Committee
The Committee's individual songs span the range of genres, including industrial, polka, noise, techno, waltz, rap, ambient, and more.
Farces Wanna Mo
Noisy lo-fi satirical punk rock.
Feral Elysium
Heavy, low-end, groovy, fuzzed-out instrumental jams. Kick it!
A Boston-based original rock band with a broad range of influences from the Police to Alice In Chains.
Francesco Fareri
Showcases the work of a great guitar player, with lessons and transcriptions.
Frank Salerno
is exploring complex textures and vintage sounds.
Giant Ant Farm
Raised in Eastern Luposlovenia by wolves, the members of Giant Ant Farm are reluctant to discuss their gypsy past and may kidnap the firstborn or pick the pockets of anything that is nailed down.
is a four piece band, guitar, bass, drums and marimba, that has several of our shows and albums available for free download.
Haggis captures the elements of what the suburban middle class sound like on magic mushrooms!" Their music is "so instantly hummable that you'd swear you've heard it before". - Gilbert Garcia, Music Editor for Phoenix New Times.
Our ultimate goal is the promotion of open mindedness, tolerance and Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Especially the Whisky.
Intra Moenia
The terrorists of rock 'n' roll.
Irene Jackson
This is a page by performing songwriter Irene Jackson, who also includes lots of songwriting tips and links to other songwriting sites.
Distribution of soundmodules created by Istari.
Jay Terrien
Indulge in All the Dolls in the Same Place, the new bass and drums album from visionary bassist/composer Jay Terrien.
The word "Jerungdu" comes from the Sambia tribe of Aborigines in New Guinea. It means "the essence of maleness". Jerungdu is an Aboriginal rite of passage ritual used to initiate pre-pubescent males into the realm of manhood (sort of like western rock and roll concerts).
Industrial electronic music with a twist.
John Devlin
is an Irish singer/songwriter. Main influences include The Beatles, John Lennon, and the Beach Boys.
John K
is a new artist in latin percussive jazz music wo has won a lot of music awards and have been invited on a compilation disc for national distribution.
John Ludi
is a Chicago-based Recording Artist/Writer/Lunatic. When not trying to expand the minds of "The Masses" by hiding subversive lyrics in almost-conventional slightly-spooky alternative pop songs, he studies World Religions, Eastern Philosophy, and various forms of Hermetica.
Johnny Asia
Johnny's music is universal in the truest sense of the term. It embraces the musics of this world and anticipates those yet to be discovered in the future." --Joe McPhee, probably the best saxophone/cornet instrumentalist in the history of jazz, Cadence Magazine.
We classify ourselves as new metal. Our sound is a Metallica meets Nirvana in a dark alley kind of thing.
Kathie Nicolet
Kathie Nicolet is a Chicago pianist.
is a dallas-based symphonic electrometal band (if such a genre exists) whose music has been known to soothe yet feed anger and depression due to loss.
is a singer/songwriter from the Toronto area with a love for bluesy rock and roll, and a passion for strong lyrics.
Little Atlas
Little Atlas is a Miami-based original rock band that fuses the genres of classic and modern rock with elements of funk, psychedelia, and folk.
A heavy rock outfit from Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
Loren Jan Wilson
A dark pop/experimental/ambient/noise solo project from Chicago's slightly elusive Loren Jan Wilson II. "Moody like a bad lover... he thumbs his nose at the dancefloor while challenging listeners to take note of a new kind of `electronica'..."
A heavy alternative to the heavy music scene.
Lucas Pickford
provides the best free jazz/fusion transcriptions on the Internet.
Lug Nut and the Spare Tires
A 50's-60's band surviving in the remote city of Cheyenne, Wyoming, where the majority of the population thinks that the only kind of music is Country music.
Lyndon Wesley
Melbourne based singer/songwriter Lyndon Wesley is finally out of the studio, and now promoting his album "Stupid Adventures". Worthy of repeated listening, "Stupid Adventures" has a maturity of focus and listenability that not many debut offerings could lay claim to.
is a new French independent Industrial-Rock band. Pulsions, their first album is between Nine Inch Nails, Stabbing Westward and Babylon Zoo.
Magical Animal
Freely-copiable, experimental outdoor mood music.
Marc Rod
makes musc based around the Roland Vs840.
Mark Cantanzriti
Mark Cantanzritt's music is profound/mix of modern rock and poetry with solid grooves and strong sense of melody. Songs may differ yet sound is distinctive.
Progressive rock/metal power trio combines progressive metal with classic rock flavors. Fans of Rush and Dream Theater as well as vintage progressive groups like Tull and King Crimson should find Mastermind very appealing.
Max Songs Club
The official Max site
Michael Manring
One of the greatest bassists ever!
Mike Hayes
composes instrumental music. Generally his music might be classified as New Age. However, each composition of Michael's is truly unique and melodic and that is not a claim that many artists can make.
are the unsigned London-based band who are currently experimenting in the fields of electronica and alternative music.
A band that started off as a student joke 8 years ago is starting to gather pace as a serious pop contender.
makes transhuman machine music. At this site you can download free mp3 files of all of the published recordings of the band, as well as view related information.
bring you the sound of myriad musical entities.
is a band from Richmond, VA. We focus playing on happy music using blues, jazz, funk, and ska influences woven into a fabric of rock 'n' roll.
Musique Libre
Two musical projects are growing (grooving) here: Loubia Dobb System - electronic & experimental dub/industrial/magma; and Exorciste de Style - new wave experimental electronic & acoustic experience.
Music Tour Bus
A great free site for those bands wishing to get their music on the road.
Nappy Mustache
Raw underground hip-hop. Well produced with minimal equipment. Not for the closed minded! Severe lyrics.
No Device
indie fuzzpowapop. Gajoob said No Device's release "wowflutterfly" contained "...excellent, soul-bearing songs. ...Good stuff, a band to watch."
Quirky, silly garage band from San Diego plays a refreshing, whine-free blend of rock 'n' roll music and squirrel fur.
A new band that plays original pop alternative rock music. The first album simply titled Om reflects eleven diverse songs that attend to the matters of the heart, mind and soul with pleasing tunes and thoughtful words.
are essentially a musician-owned production company carrying on the tradition of musician-produced music.
Open 'Til Midnight
is a ska/punk/whatever influenced band from New Hampshire. We have the basic instruments for a band plus a saxophone, trumpet, accordian and keyboards.
are an independent music marketplace and feature custom CDs and new releases by underground musicians and labels.
Post-punk math rock.
Paul Copeland
contains a selection of Australian Paul Copeland's music. The music is all free and written for various intstruments including piano, flute, guitar, pipe organ, voice. The styles are vatan garde, experimental, neo-classical, experimental jazz. Files are available as midi, gifs and PDF for high quality printing.
is a combination of ballads, rock, metal, and everything in between.
Philip Sayce
is a blues artist based out of Toronto, Ontario (Canada). Many have labeled him as "A Blues Prodigy" and "A Canadian Jimi Hendrix"...This would be due to his guitar-slinging wizardry of Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan not to mention his great vocal range as well. He has a style that combines a raw rock sound with traditional blues. He has shared the stage with the likes of B.B. King, The Robert Cray band and more.
Prime Time Sublime Orchestra
make "alternative" music that ranges+from Jazz, Rock, various world music idioms, Hip-Hop, Country, Spaghetti Western and other film music genres, Space Age Bachelor Pad to various 20th Century Classical and Avant-Garde styles. The prime-time sublime Community Orchestra fuses these sounds so that the result is something between a pop song, film score, Jazz improvisation, cartoon soundtrack and an orchestral suite.
Mind-altering, technically precise, brutal death metal.
Racquel Zonte
With her stunning exotic looks (being French-Italian-India) and her incredible talent she is capturing the hearts of fans and media everywhere. She has been compared to Jimi Hendrix, Van Halen, Pearl Jam meets Chrissie Hynde.
Randy Fricke
writes and sings melodic hard rock with snarling guitar riffs, burning solos, and thought provoking, cautionary lyrics.
Richard Hunter
is a world-class harmonica player, author of Jazz Harp (Oak Publications, NYC, 1980), and composer of original works for harmonica, including The Act of Being Free in One Act, the only full-length CD of works for unaccompanied harmonica ever recorded. (You've never heard anything like it.)
Richard Mortimer
Covering styles from melodic rock to quasi-ambient experimental synthesizer, he has been referred to as "The Syd Barrett of Perth". Cited as "weird, strange, & unusual" by Valvoluxs' Tim Underwood, his first album represents an introspective view of his journey through life.
Rich Ortiz's classical guitar site
Avante-Garde Classical Guitar composer influenced by punk, hardcore, gypsy, and world music. Free music available to all.
Rolf Munkes
One of Germany's finest guitarists.
has been together for over 20 years and has shared the stage with over 50 national acts. 20 years and they still rock solid!
Runaway Weiner Dog
Runaway Weiner Dog is a band.
Scarlet Letter
A perfect blend of emotion and power.
Scott David Smith
is a professional songwriter.
Progressive rock with samples on their web page.
is a dynamic power-rock trio, emerging as one of the most exciting new bands on the London live music scene.
Amazing progressive hard rock instrumentals.
Songs to Wear Pants To
Andrew makes songs in any genre, for free or for money, based on instructions people send me.
Experimental emotional electronic free music.
is a four piece rock group built upon the philosophy that in the music industry music is what matters most, and everything else is secondary. Spiritual to thunderous and always precise, their music captures a wide range of expression through soaring melodies and dynamic instrumentation. This is the prog band of the future.
Soylent Green
is an eclectic group of individuals creating music that inspires the mind to look at life a little differently. We play Alternative Rock, Modern Rock, Rock Rock, Pop Rock, New Age & Cow-Punk. Additionally, we have embarked on a quest for new challenges, i.e., traditional jazz.
Space is Dead
Official homepage for Australian band Space Is Dead with samples, gig info, contests, giveaways & more.
Spider Rockets
are a New Jersey-based hard rock/metal band.
are a cross between the Pixies and My Bloody Valentine.
Subtle Tea
Subtle Tea is a revisionist acoustic/electric, blues-driven guitar band. The outfit is fueled by moody lyrics over simply structured progressions with delicate phrasing and weighty hooks.
A psycho-space-prog band from Milan, Italy who are proud to be independent.
Surfing Chickens
Five Nashvillian white boys playing experimental/avant/garage/noise/punk/funk/dance/humor/nonhumor music.
TagYerit's music is quirky, hook-filled pop. Songs that say isn't life great and absurd.
The Dave Williams Project
A new band from Atlanta, GA formed by lead singer Dave Williams to showcase his original music. If you like harmonies and acoustic guitar, then you'll love the music.
The Ergot Derivative
is an interesting original band from Melbourne Australia. They have released their latest album in full on the Web as well as on CD. I do think that this is the first time this has been done! Check it out!
The Great Kat
Beethoven, Cyberspeed, Sex, S&M, Dominatrix---that just begins to describe what this is all about.
The Home of the Pod: The Insane Asylum
an underground horrorcore rap band.
The Meat Joy
The Meat Joy is what would be playing on the jukebox when the X-Ray Specs and X crash Patti Smith's birthday party at the Hank Williams Sr. Memorial Bar & Grill.
The Pozers
The Pozers are one of the hottest groups to come out on the Dallas scene. Their music has been described as "Alternaglamgrungepunkthrashcountry" with melodic speed metal overtones; however, they choose to ignore such labels. Their live performance is an explosive, high energy show, that captivates audiences who have grown accustom to the low-level, hum-drum stage presence that has become a symbol of the 90ss bands.
The Prisoner's Dilemma
is an instrumental math rock/noise rock band from Washington, DC.
The Red Paintings
are the sound of bloodied tears dripping from the Virgin Mary eyes. They're the warning signs that the revolution is never coming but also the incitement that if the people lead, the leaders will follow.
The Skinny Homepage
A page on Skinny, a cassette 4-track modifier. If you listen to and like his music he'll send you his 18 song debut CD, mastered analog, for free.
The Sound and The Fury
Two funny white dudes with a hip-hop dream; make ya laugh so hard that you'll bust yer spleen.
The Thereminbilly Explosion
Weird and cool music, some of it done with a Theremin.
The Wind-Up Merchants
are an indie rock band which mixes the melody of Jawbox, the feral live quality of the Stooges, and impressionistic lyrics that reek either of fury or complete joy (and sometimes both).
The Zone
Free MP3 downloads, CDs, bio, tour dates, more...
The Zookeepers
Upbeat rhythm & folk party rock on the West Coast.
Theoadore Muddfoot
The hottest band in Florida.
Jazzy thrash-funk.
Total Human Solutions, Inc.
Total Human Solutions Inc. Electronic / dance music from Adelaide, Australia. All releases available on the web.
Hello kiddies? Know what a bunch of tools are like? Want to know? Well visit Ugmo's very crappy webpage and discover a bunch of tools who rip off the music of other good bands to substitute for their lack of talent!
UltraMax Music
Fusion of Classical and Techno music.
UnKindness Of Ravens
Our creation, musical scribble, is a blend of the excitement, astonishment, and groove in improvisation through our method of composition--exposition.
Vic Samalot / Rare Blend
Jazz fusion, instrumental rock.
White Diamond
The rock band who fought the industry so hard for their rights back that a major motion picture is being made about them!
Woof Woof
wants to share what they know and love, which is music. They like to think of it as Heinous Rhythmic Passion, cause it can get out of hand real easy. Drop by and check it out, and feel free to mail them on any subject. This new medium is growing, and fast! They hope to be right there when the shit hits the fan.
54 Seconds
"54 Seconds makes me want to turn my stereo up as loud as I can stand it. Their sound is big, expensive and expansive, deep, warm and woody. This is modern power pop music with roots stretching back into the sixties and seventies.... " --Don Harvey

Resources that benefit "independent" artists

A world of independent music.
Audio4280's Home Recording Studio Page
The page is about home recording studios and appeals to independent music enthusiasts as well as home recording enthusiasts.
Bandit A&R Newsletter
For the last 11 years, Bandit has been publishing 24 listings each month from International record companies who are currently seeking new talent.
Base Multimedia
Media duplication for your original work. Audio compact disc, cassette, CD-ROM, DVD, video and more. We also provide graphic insert design, film and print services. We take pride in both our super prices and most importantly our great customer service.
Beats E-Zine
All the sounds, news, dirt and deals of 1998 and still going strong! Beats E-Zine is an ever-growing music archive covering all aspects of the music industry with resources to help its members get greater exposure and advancement in the business.
Berklee Press
Music books, cds, dvds, videos, guitar, piano, drums and bass lessons and other instruction products for educating and training musicians.
Blacklight Records
We are in the process of perhaps the largest attempt in the history of college radio to promote underground independent artists
Music about bands, art, expression, and stuff.
Brain-Drainer Music
is the premiere Alternative and New-Metal music trivia site.
Breaking Artists
Free downloadable cutting edge original customizable world-wide Music!
British Unsigned Rock Band Site (BURBS)
A page where British rock bands can display information about themselves free of charge. Surely the cheapest world wide exposure a British Unsigned Rock Band can get!
Buicks to the Moon
is an unsigned New Jersey-based band that blends heavy music with truthful lyrics and intense harmony.
Independent record and media label. Home of Maracas Maracas, The Super-man Can Flys, Randy and Hagor and Magnus Voll Mathiassen.
Carnie Digital
provides a place for musicians and songwriters to promote their work. They are also dedicated to supporting the young artists of tomorrow by donating a portion of their proceeds to educational programs and charities.
assists independent artists by delivering high quality ISO9002 discs at the best rock bottom prices you will find; guaranteed!
CD Music Page
This site provides music and information about independent bands. You can download sound files and find out information about the bands.
is an all encompassing CD and DVD duplication company that specializes in creating a truly unique package. We do everything from audio mastering to barcodes and overwrapping, with everything in between.
A great resource for musicians and project studios featuring an online auction of music gear and recording equipment.
Digital Vista - Visual Promotions
Creative cover art, Web design and multimedia services.
offers CD duplication, audio mastering, and CD graphic design for the musician & software developer.
The Dimension Music website is a online digital music portal focussed around unique DJ personality driven music content, quality news information, and interactive open discussion areas. These elements combine together to make the visitor's online digital audio experience a rich and exciting one.
Dove Enterprises
CD, cassette, and video duplication.
primarily offer CD duplication and printing services as well as a wide variety of CD packaging (some of it very unique and appropriate for music demos and special releases).
Falling Sky
is a graphic designer specializing in visual creations for independent musicians, such as album covers, posters, web sites, etc.
Recording artist and musician register for the California, alternative, independent record label.
You're on your way to getting the best new music absolutely free! If you're in a band, then list your site for Free! Otherwise, search our database of Indie artists for some great new music.
Free Music Now
Free downloadable sheet music and score search service.
Groove House Records
is your source for premium quality CD replication, traditional and alternative CD packaging, Digipaks, cassette duplication, posters, and postcards. Their sole mission: to produce the very best digital audio recordings while keeping prices competitive. Every CD project includes real-time (1x), direct-to-glass mastering at no extra charge. Many top mastering houses send their clients to Groove House Records because of their extreme commitment to audio integrity.
This is a musician resource site, one of the most comprehensive you will find on the web. Our mission is to give you the knowledge and info you need to succeed in your music career. We provide general musical info for the indie artist, links to other resources, record labels, studios, and bands all over.
Intensive Music
is Distribution Point for Privately-Produced Recordings.
InterMixx IndieGate
is an online community of Indie Artists, and a gateway to tons of great resources that will help them market their music directly to their consumers.
Jingle Production
The Complete Jingle Course. Making money with your music. teaching creative writing, production and marketing jingles, and much more.
Jovial Milkmen
is an independant cassette-only label that has been around about five years, and would like to hear from other home-tapers.
Just Plain Folks Online Music Industry Community
as reintroduced the human factor to the music industry and the Internet, and the results are 3000+ of your musical peers ready willing and able to help you help yourself!
Kettle Black Zine
The Kettle Black features news, articles, profiles, and reviews of indie industrial, experimental, electronic, and techno music.
La Costa Music
The music business one-stop.
Li'l Hank's Guide For Songwriters in L.A.
Don't be misled by the title; this site is for songwriters everywhere! Useful, educational, and mildy seasoned with a wry sense humor.
Links for the Struggling Musician
A list of sites that Tim Elder has evaluated and reviewed as being helpful in some way to indie bands/musicians.
Local Music Online
is dedicated to local music, and wants to ENTERTAIN and INFORM the (DC) music scene.
is the premiere site for information related to bands and music in particular areas.
Local Music Store
features over 200 independent artists who are always an alternative to the corporate airways. The site also features tips for unsigned artists.
Machine Machine
Norwegian alternative label based in Trondheimm Norway, holds bands such as the Nomad Nipples, Tripcat and the Slaughter Slits.
is an open music record label.
Media Technics
has paved the way in producing affordable CD systems that really produce.
Midnight Rain Productions Independent Music Resources
Midnight Rain Productions has dedicated it's Independent Music Resources site to finding, reviewing, and advertising the best Independent Music resources on the Internet. We've compiled a list of resources that we have for the most part made use of ourselves, and are continually in search of music sites that genuinely provide valuable and/or unique information for the Independent musician.
MODPlug supports the work of Digital Musicians by providing resources, news, and storage space for them.
a French based organization which aims to help electronic music artists to broadcast and to distribute their music on line.
Music and more
Soon to be the largest resource for music Industry Giants to access unsigned bands, musicians and writers.
is an exciting new way of providing exposure to new music and artists. It is a continually expanding on-line repository of dance and experimental music, as well as a source of information about similar projects and events.
The award-winning & authoritative music industry magazine showcasing the hottest indie artists & labels, insiders from our industry experts, tips to help your career, reviews and industry news.
Musicmedia Network
provides national radio promotion & tracking services for many diverse styles of music ranging from Rap/ Hip-Hop to Country, Pop to Alternative, Dance to Eclectic, and Reggae to Ska.
The largest music-only search site on the Internet!
No Logo Records
A progressive record label that releases music in a manner that doesn't restrict your ability to copy it.
Oasis CD
Oasis Duplication; Musicians' Guide to Duplication & Promotion.
Open Music Registry
is a database exclusively for audio released under the EFF's Open Audio License, and it is free for musicians to use to list their Open Audio works and for others to find Open Audio titles.
is a small site where you can get ambient, alternative, classical and jazz MP3s and CDs from independent artists.
Outer Sound
Outer Sound is a comprehensive resource for useful music industry information devoted to promoting indendent artists and music businesses.
Paved Earth Music
is an all digital paperless/plasticless music label/community/movement.
is live internet radio station in PA that plays independent musicians 24-7.
Play Piano Today
learn how to play the piano by ear quickly using the revolutionary technique of "Rhythmic Patterns!"
is designed to help promote the work of self-published writers, musicians, illustrators, zine publishers, photographers, filmmakers, those who are self-publishing their words or images exclusively on-line, or anyone else who uses the Internet to promote their own independent, creative work.
is a place to share interesting and exotic new music from all over the globe, with downloadable radio mixes to back up descriptions of the various artists.
Raintree CD Manufacturing
CD manufacturing, CDR & cassette short runs, and enhanced CDs and CD-ROMs.
Raw Music Site
The music site with an attitude.
Recording Connection
is an established music industry school where students train to be professional recording engineers.
Round Flat Records
Hard to find titles of punk, indie, alternative, hardcore, industrial, metal, garage, gothic, ska and everything in between.
Richmond Music Page
This page is set up to bring awareness and unity to the Richmond, VA music scene. It will address all of the different types of music and venues in the city; including Bar bands, the Hard Core scene, High School bands, College bands, etc.
Rik Tinory Productions
New England's premier award winning 24-track recording studio.
Rock Lane Records
"Building a new music universe one star at a time!" Home of the Music Monster Network's MONSTER INDIES Weekly Top 200 Chart and MMN RADIO.
Sonic Explosion
Premiere online music distribution from upstate New York.
supports South Carolina's music scene.
State of the Art Audio Duplication
Kewall is your one-stop source for audio duplicaton. We specialize in mass manufacturing and packaging of cassettes, CD's, and open-reel productions. Musical, Industrial, and Commercial programs are all given personalized attention and individual hand inspection. We also supervise graphic designing and full color packaging.
Studio For Recording
assists in creating community-based recording studios that provide FREE recording services in return for musicians and artists of all ages and "bents" placing their works in the Public Domain.
Summation Technology
offers affordable CD Duplicators and Recorders for = Musicians and Recording Engineers.
Sydney Music Web
has a comprehensive list of Indie Labels for all of Australia.
The Independent A&R Vehicle, a company which helps unsigned bands, artists and songwriters get their tapes directly to top A&R people at Major Record Labels, Music Publishers, and Music Supervisors working on Film & TV projects.
Terrafirma Music Service
The new place for new music. Featuring all original Rock & Roll.
The CD Seller
is a professional and affordable CD product display and sales tool with a proven track record of dramatically increasing CD sales for musicians and bands who market their CDs at live performances.
The Artist Shop
The Artist Shop is an online music store that functions as an artists' cooperative store for its artist members. It focuses on artist owned independent labels and features such members as King Crimson's Discipline Records, Larry "Synergy" Fast's Third Contact, Mike Pinder's One Step, Adrian Belew Presents and more.
The Arts Online
We are a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting talent on the web. We feature creative works from around the world for free.
The Blue Room
The world wide web's premiere indie resource guide.
The Conspiracy
The Conspiracy is a promotional coperative centered in the Washington, DC metro area. Their efforts focus on expanding the industrial and Gothic music scene.
The Do It Yourself Center
This is the Screw It Up All By Yourself Center. My goal here is to inform the masses of this plot and trash the bogus CD manufacturing industry.
TheLocalScene: the best indie bands database on the net
Free resources for indie bands: online band flyers, gig listings, and music classifieds. Click on in and enter bands, shows, indie labels and venues in your area into the database for free and spread the word. Also offering free email aliases, cheap web hosting, and great deals on banner advertising.
The Musician's Assistance Site
A free web based directory that will and has revolutionized the way business is conducted by independent and unsigned musicians and performers.
The Musicroom
Music retail and information - record labels, radio stations, Billboard top 200, eclectic links, industry calendar, chat rooms, demo rooms and search engines, CDs, videos, tickets, e-zines; more than online store - a crossroads for all music-related information and an assortment of content sources.
Tina Romanus
makes CD and DVD replication a walk in the park.
Traktor 7
is a very cool and the home of Pino Brothers Ink.
Virtual Sheet Music
provides high quality digital classical sheet music and exclusive arrangements.
Virtual Tunes Music
Promotional independent artist directory.
Y2K Music
Y2K-music is a brand new British Internet Music Company run by a young dynamic team aimed at promoting exciting new creative talent around the globe.
ZeBOX Artists GigList
is a music site with over 100 city listings worldwide where you can create your own webpage andupload song demos.
101 Music Business Contracts
offer music contracts to people involved in any form of music/entertainment, especially those involved in the independent music scene.
is a great starting point for anyone who plays any instrument - free sheetmusic, music lessons and popular riffs explained.

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