Carnage Asada - albums

Buried by Your Side

This is a punkish release with a true DiY flavour and production. The music is fairly tight and catchy, but what drives this release are the hilarious lyrics. While not all of it works at times, some of the music comes off as a great parody of 70s classic rock. The guitar solos are actually quite captivating. In a true sign of irrevence, the five tracks of the album are repeated at the end of the album, backwards! (This trick, I believe, was done before Mudhoney did the same thing with My Brother the Cow.) This is definitely worth a spin on your CD player.


Carnage Asada epitomise an underground DiY genre that is not punk in terms of music, but in terms of spirit. As with other bands like No Means No, They Might be Giants, Mudhoney (just a few examples), these guys intentionally or unintentionally deconstruct music as we know it. Or perhaps I've given them too much credit. The Grace Slick and Fred Schneider-like vocals, the attention-capturing guitar, and the general campiness of this release make this a great DiY product.

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