Touch Someone in Space (demo)

Fernspank is the phoenix that has arisen from the ashes of the MoFS. The style of music is generally similar to that of the MoFS but there is some definite progress in the songwriting and production of the band. While I thought the MoFS' self-titled release was well-produced and a fun album to listen to, its main attraction was based on prank phone call songs. Oh, Reverend, the MoFS' second release, didn't have as good a production as the previous release, even though the songwriting had improved. In this Fernspank demo (which is appropriately titled given the current fascination with creatures from outer space), there are significant improvements in the music as well---the guitar and bass work is quite provoking at times, and a few songs (Pans, Bob Dole's Country Kitchen, and Slack) really stand out. The production has also improved, making this the best album produced thusfar by the band. While the music still displays the Residents' influence, the songs are heavier and more punkish than before. If the band continues in this direction, they have a great future ahead of them in the underground music world.

Touch Someone in Space

There are few changes I can discern in this release from the demo version (reviewed above). The sound is a bit more polished on this version probably due to the quality of the tape used, taken in conjunction with the quality of remixing/rerecording. Some aspects of the music stand out more clearly now that I've heard this album so often: I find the songs in B-side more interesting that the A-side, particularly Twinkies Attack and The Cold Song (which were not present on the demo). The noise in The Annoying Song is actually interesting, and vaguely reminscent of King Crimson's Thrakattack. This is one of the best underground/unsigned releases I've heard this year, and if you've not already gotten this release, what're you waiting for?

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