Dynamic Ribbon Device


Each side of this tape showcases a different style of this hard-hitting group. The sound is excellent---the guitars and drums are crunchy, and the vocals make Dave Mustaine sound normal (I am fan of Mustaine's vocals, for the record). The first side has great drumming and guitar work, and the songwriting is excellent, but this is shadowed by the vocals. It's not that the vocals are bad here, it's just that the singer is screaming, as opposed to wailing which I think is what the songs require. The second side fixes that. The song arrangements are more thought out, and the vocals more tempered. There are elements of noise thrown in and the plodding style suits the crunchy sound these guys make. The musical styles vary from a doom metal type sound to plain thrash mixed with punk (especially in the songs with the female vocalist). The lyrics seem to present DRD as a band who's pissed off at the world and the music gets this message across very effectively. The band also uses the instrument of the 90s, the didjeridu, which results in a cool sound.

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