It's tempting to liken this Canadian group, that sent me its promo, to Rush, and there are some similarities that would make such a comparison valid, but the group is actually better in some respects and I'll try to concentrate on those aspects. The guitar playing is actually harder and agressive and this is evident right in the first song, Fade in the Night. The second song Stand in the Light has some excellent keyboard work and is tighter as a whole than the first song. Frozen Over is somewhat reminiscent of some Iron Maiden work. Now that I think of it, the vocalist does have a similarity to Bruce Dickinson (especially his latest solo effort) at times. The last song Focused follows the same vein, and again I like the keyboard work and the processing of the vocals in the end. The recording is decent---the drums could've been miked better, I think. All in all, Vision's a rather cool (hard) rock group that avoids the sappiness of groups like Candlebox and manages to remain true to the spirit of rock.

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