Metal Sniff

Blood, Sweat, and Pap Smears

The strongest point with regards to Metal Sniff is their lyrics. They are sick, perverted, and it all works out: they're hilarious. One would assume that lyrics would be included, since that is one of their highlights, but they are not, and so I had to figure them out myself. I suspect the music would be more appealing if you were high on some intoxicant, but that is only a hypothesis. In the bio for Metal Sniff, it says that they are "not a serious band." I had to keep repeating this in my head when I went through my obligatory half-a-dozen listens (I listen to every demo at least half-a-dozen times, usually more, before I write a review). But I don't wish to put Metal Sniff down. Believe it or not, I actually see a lot of good things about their music. Perhaps the six listens did something to me; or perhaps there're subliminal messages hidden in the lyric, but the songs grew on me---I can actually hum some of them now! Metal Sniff are a great example of dadaism (look it up). The music is somewhat reminscent of thrash metal (mostly due to the distorted thrashy sound), minus any degree of sobriety. Many of the tunes are catchy, which you'll hear only if you can ignore the abrasiveness on the top. Still, I applaud their approach and it is highly evident that this is a band that's having fun making self-indulgent music, and that is their only goal. But you know what's scary? With a bit of polishing (less distortion on the guitars, somewhat better production), these guys, with the right sort of marketing, could be selling millions of copies of this stuff.

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