Brian Meloon - albums


I've known Brian for a while over the Internet and he finally managed to get a tape of his stuff to me so I could hear his guitar wizardry in action. It is once again a case of discovering stuff on the 'net that is better than most of the stuff in the commercial music world. The tape nicely chronicles his progession as a guitar player who was first interested in playing fast breakneck solos to someone who has learnt the art of tasteful, artistic, and emotional guitar playing. Brian disagrees with me with regards to the emotional part, but I think it's clearly present, particularly in pieces that make up his 1991 "album" A House of Cards, and the stuff from 1995. The earliest songs in the tape were recorded late 1987 on a boombox and have some very catchy riffs, but are simple. The later stuff gets more intricate and complex with layers of guitars.

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