Emote plays guitar-oriented rock with some very cool guitar licks and solos, reminding me a bit of the Police (especially in the song My Religion). The songs are pretty catchy and some the lyrics are thought-provoking. The complete digital recording is probably why it sounds a bit overproduced. But what sets Emote apart from almost everyone else is the fact that they offer their self-produced CD for free on the 'net. With the sole condition that if you like the music you send them $3 for the postage and the cost of making the CD. This is implementing the shareware-like music idea I propose in the Free Music Philosophy to an unparalleled extreme, i.e., giving away free CDs (akin to what Phreeworld did). Emote is also a reminder of how overpriced CDs are today. I quote: "Thanks to everyone who has paid $3.00 for Overflow and ordered Suborganic also, we are breaking even and so far will be able to continue this offer." Why pay $16 for a CD of a band that is on MTV when you can get Emote's for $3-5 (and chances are, Emote will sound as good as, if not better than, most bands on commercial radio/MTV)?


This is a follow-up to their Overflow album which they gave away free on the Internet. I personally think it's markedly better than the last one. The last one was good and solid, and so's this, but there are times when this really shines. The music has gotten harder and the production is a bit less slick and less digital-sounding, which appeals to me. There's some cool guitar work in every track of the album. Joe Riehl's vocals also sound better on this release. If these guys keep going this way, they have to find commercial success! My favourite tracks are Blame and Without a Sound (which does sound a bit like Dinosaur Jr.---in fact, that's the whole CD reminds me of).

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