Dan Shimmyo is an amazingly talented musician, and a person after my own heart. This album is entirely produced on a Power Macintosh and Shimmyo is the one-man act that not only does the production and engineering, but also does the guitar, bass, and drum programming. All the tracks are instrumental pieces showcasing the guitar, which Shimmyo is extremely talented at. The drum programming is almost human, and the guitar playing is emotional. The bass is also pretty good, and gets quite funky at times. Particularly interesting in this album are his renditions of Bach's Invention #8 and Invention #13. The two-part harmonies are executed in a brilliant and novel fashion. While Shimmyo's playing is mind-blowing, his compositions are also deserving of superlatives. The riffs rarely get repetitive, and the guitar harmonies blend in perfectly. Instrumental music lovers, and afficionados of Neo-classical guitar work are bound to enjoy this release.

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