Runaway Weiner Dog

There's Got to be an Aesthetic There

The title of the album is quite apt, as most people listening to this will not figure out what the aesthetic is. But those who persist, echoing the title in their quest, will find a unique collage of 42 pieces of music (71 minutes worth); unique not just due to the lo-fi nature of the recording or the self-indulgence, but also because the efforts of two fairly different talents with the same punk aesthetic (Farces Wanna Mo and Runaway Weiner Dog) are interspersed together. The PR info I got features an unconditional endorsement by Milo Aukerman (of the Descedents) for the efforts of these groups, and I too think it's great "homegrown" music of this sort is finding its way to the masses. My favourite songs by Runaway Weiner Dog are Instant Lawns, Wille's Fun House, Sliding and Gliding, and Irate Mask. To be honest, I still prefer Subtly Ridiculous, the last album from Farces Wanna Mo, to most of the stuff here (with the exception of Jazz Music, Asian Pride, Come Back to Me). But regardless of what I or others might think, there's no denying that this is art at its purest.

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