Cooling Card (single)

After exchanging e-mail with Bill B. of Jawbox on the Internet (which lead to the birth of the movement on free music), I was quite curious to hear what the hell these guys sounded like. So when I got the chance of grabbing this promo---I did. This might seem insulting, but my first impression was they reminded me of The Offspring (the intro of the title track essentially), but after a few listens, the subtle noises worked its way into my brain and I began to appreciate them more. Unlike neo-punk bands which are essentially power-pop, Jawbox's music is more terse, more intricate, and Noisier. I particularly like the track I've got you under my Skin, especially the use of the guitar feedback. Since the promo has only one other track (Thin White Line, which the album says is previously unreleased), it's hard for me to comment more except to say that this is a band definitely worth checking out.

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