Broken Men

Live Bait

Broken Men play music that's dominated by some brilliant keyboard work and some highly interesting dual guitar work that complements the keyboards. This is their strongest suit, and I love it whenever the two guitars and the organ go on for minutes in a seemingly improvisational manner---the music literally seems to fly. The drumming and bass are fairly tight, providing a solid backup to the guitars and keyboards, but I'm not too crazy about the vocals. Perhaps it is due to the production, but I thought the vocals seemed incongruous when compared to the rest of the music. They are too loud in the mix, and vocal melodies don't fit in very well with the rest of the music. The music can best be described as '70s style rock, and the band musically sounds a bit like a mix between the Rolling Stones and the Who. Broken Men are definitely worth checking out if that's your thing!

Live Bait can be gotten by sending $12.50 to Broken Men, 251 Oak Hill Road, Otisfield, Maine 04270.

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