Richard Mortimer

Garden of Pleasure Parts I and II

I first heard Richard Mortimer's track Josselyn on the Fight Prime Time compilation from Kathode Ray Music. That track is, I think, an inaccurate representation of what's on this album, and I think that's a good thing. While Josselyn was a catchy pop-ballad, the music on this album is actually more innovative and daring. The other songs are also better than Josselyn purely from a musical and production sense. My favourite tracks are The Man in the Glass Cage (which sounds like a religious chant, and the spoken vocals lend to the ambience of the music), Trust (which has some cool guitar work), Fly (which has a cool "soaring" feel to it), and Leaving (nice mix of keyboards and guitar). In general, I liked the harder/faster songs more, and I think there's some good songwriting potential there.

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