Denny Fohringer

Gimme a Job!

First of all, Denny says in the cover that he's been playing the guitar for 22 years, and it shows! The guitar work is amazing. It's not the technical versatility that impresses as much as the emotive side of the playing. My favourite song is the original composition, With Apologies to ACJ. I played this to a couple of my friends and I think the opinion that it was a great tune was unanimous. The tune is catchy and I like the nylon string tone of the guitar.

Denny's clearly a Van Morrison fan, and I'm not too big on him. But I thought Moondance was well done, as was Brown-Eyed Girl. In particular, I preferred the latter version. I thought the Joe Satriani cover (Always with Me, Always with You) was excellent as well! I am reasonably big Satch fan and I think Denny did him justice duplicating this cover. Also, Town without Pity rocked. In fact, I like both the rock tunes (I think this is where his talent is if you ask me) and the original composition. There's no doubt it, his chops are at a great place.

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