Finneus Gauge

More Once More

Finneus Gauge makes jazzy, funky, progressive rock music. There's a hint of Ella Fitzgerald and a bit of King Crimson combined with some classic rock along the lines of Deep Purple. This is excellent music to listen to, if the characterisation I just made appeals to you. There's a lot going on in the background, particularly with regards to the keyboards and the drums, which together are the highlights of this album. Chris Buzby, the former keyboardist for Echolyn, is also responsible for the production and engineering of this album, which is completely colinear with the aesthetic of the music (though I would've preferred a fatter organ sound for the keyboards). The guitar work by Scott McGill, when it is visible in the forefront, is pretty good; there are a few brilliant solos ala Allan Holdsworth. Laura Martin's vocals maintain the right balance between progressive harmony and jazzy syncopation that enables this album to have a jazzy feel. John Buzby on the drums keep himself extremely busy---again, maintaining nice balance between jazz and progressive rock.

This is the album to get if you're interested in stripping away layer after layer of music as you listen to a song. The depressing thing is that I suspect most people wouldn't want to take the time to explore the music of this talented band. Finneus Gauge is pronounced Phineas Gage after the railroad worker who had his skull impaired with an iron rod (which was recently the focus of much attention, the skull i.e., not the rod) and lived for more than a decade after (but exhibited a strange personality). Like Gage, the music changes and shifts gears constantly. I highly recommend this release if you're looking for something different from what's on the airwaves.

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