MD 19

The Promise on Dresser's Door

Brad Braden, the main architect of The Promise on Dresser's Door, has been a source of inspiration for the music I've created, though the inspiration has come more in terms of instrumentation than musical influence. In fact, this is the first time I'm carefully able to listen to his music and provide some sort of a definitive opinion about it.

The music is intricate, experimental, and heavily electronic. Influences such as King Crimson, Yes, Fred Frith, and Henry Cow are clearly visible. While they may not be influences, I also hear Pink Floyd and John Cage in the music. The instrumentation is varied, including keyboards, guitars, viola, theremin, oboe, and electronic analog synthesisers, and makes for a terrific "guess what instrument that is" experience.

There are four songs on this album, and two of them are over thirteen minutes, and the other two are over seven. My favourite tracks are Mathildenhohe and First 1/2, which feature the most innovative use of electronic noise (generated by a synthesiser Brad built himself).

While most electronic noise artists today make aggressive brutal music MD 19's music is more subtle and minimalistic. In fact, this could be best described as Noise to relax to, but the listener who pays attention will get back a great deal from the atmosphere on this album. I highly recommend this release.

The MD 19 web site is accessible at <>, via which you can order this release.

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