Dead Republican


This is a four song EP of minimalistic lo-fi music. The solid aspect about this EP is that all the riffs/songs are pretty catchy. The vocals are decent, and the processing on the vocals is quite interesting. Sometimes the guitar tone is really good (as in the hard rock mix of Eye on You), but sometimes it's too thin for my tastes. There is an interesting attempt to mix vocal melodies in the Eye on You soft rock mix, but the execution could've been better I think. Overall, the EP has a cool lo-fi DiY aesthetic and some great songwriting. However, I think the recordings themselves could be vastly improved by adding more instruments and taking a bit more care with respect to the production.

Society: Part One

This is a more coherent and cohesive record from Dead Republican compared to their Primary release, both in terms of songwriting and production. The production is not as muddy, and the lo-fi crispness adds a certain Beck-like charm to the songs. The songwriting hasn't changed dramatically, but there is more growth evident here. Also making it easy to judge the quality of this release is the presence of 11 songs, and the nice thing is that the aforementioned improvements are evident in almost all the songs! There are some interesting political messages in the lyrics and some cool riffs and melodies in the songs. I recommend checking out the www page above and seeing what you have to offer of your creativity that Dead Republican might be interested in for a trade.

Dead Republican '96

What amazing progress Perry Fect, the person behind Dead Republican, has made in the two or so years I've been listening to his music. This is an angry album, and the lo-fi production and the music reflects the anger brilliantly. With passion and intensity that would shame bands like Rage Against the Machine and Henry Rollins, this release really reaches out to everyone into music with a political flavour to them. I've heard a lot of underground recordings, and many are quirky and brilliant, as is this release. There is a primary difference here though: Dead Republican's music and lyrics are actually serious, and they work really well. The politically strong spoken/rapped lyrics is set against a backdrop of guitar work and instrumentation that is thrashy and noisy. Perhaps it is the power of his music that has forced others to seek a restraining order against him making his music. I definitely recommending check this release out, if nothing else but to see what the conservative people are scared of.

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