New Day Comin'

CeLange's music can be best classified as a mix of jazz, rock, and blues, with catchy vocal melodies set to a backdrop of funky bass and intricate drums. The guitars by Gary Celima is tasteful, combining talent and flair in a minimalistic manner. The flute parts by vocalist Sue Lange add a nice touch and are sometimes reminscent of Ian Anderson/Jethro Tull. Highlights of this album, which I think showcase both Lange's amazing vocals and Celima's bluesy guitar work the best, include A New Day Comin', Spoonful, A Little Too Much, and Good to You. All in all, in terms of production, performance, and just plain charisma, CèLage show great promise. This is one of those underground bands that has a tremendous potential to make it big, and it's only a matter of time and patience before they do.

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