The Spo-it's

Robots and Sex

The cover of Spo-it's tape states "Societal Dehumanization of the Sex Act -or- Just Kids Having Fun... You decide." I'd say the Spo-it's are having a LOT of fun. Since I've not been to a Spo-it's show, I cannot tell how exactly they're dehumanising the sex act, but I can tell their music is about something more than sex. What Spo-it's do is postmodern deconstruction of not just music, but also the current pop culture. They sound like a cross between Mr. Bungle (though not as disparate) and Ween. That comparison isn't the most accurate one, but it should give you a vague idea of what they sound like.They mix a bit industrial noise, some grinding hardcore, and some good guitar riffs in a reasonably innovative fashion, so one doesn't get tired of it soon. I must say the posters for their live show makes it look pretty interesting. This is one group you do not want to miss out on!

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