The Twisters

Live at Jan's

The most striking thing about the Twisters' tape that Michael Kesti sent me is the brilliant keyboard work. I love it! To me, it essentially dominates all the songs, standing right out in the forefront, making for a great listen. The vocals are also excellent. Not only does Conrad Nelson have a great voice, but he also radiates incredible charisma in this live recording; when listening to it, it is almost like being there. The recording is clean, and the guitar tone is rich. The drumming and bass work are solid. I think a great supplement to this tape, and something that would epitomise the music on it, would be the song That Ol' Time of Rock 'n' Roll. The band they most remind me of is ZZ Top. Did I mention the keyboard sounds fly out at you? The cover of Wipe Out is my favourite, especially the comment at the end. You can read The Twisters through Michael Kesti (mrk@gvgdsd.gvg.TEK.COM).

Ram Samudrala ||