Two demos

The first song (Crystal Ball) in the first demo opens with some really cool drums and a didjeridu, which unfortunately are a bit too low in the mix. The drums and the minimalistic guitar really mix well, and the vocals are fairly decent. The originator of this project wanted to use obscure tribal instrumentation over western rock 'n' roll. I think the obscure tribal instrumentation parts sounds really cool, and makes for a novel sound. The rock 'n' roll sound is fairly decent also, but it's nothing new, and the music overall sounds like a cross between Police and the Beatles. More than the rock 'n' roll sound, what is appealing is their use of minimalism combined with the tribal instrumentation. The second demo is more interesting: it sounds like a cross between Danny Elfman and Jethro Tull with a violin instead of a flute (well, at least the first song does). The rest of the songs have a more generic rock sound. I think Jerungdu would be better served by maintaining a more experimental sound, and leaving out the rock parts as much as possible (in particular, the first songs of both demos are excellent). The songwriting itself is pretty good: the songs are pretty catchy and innovative. I am not sure what the deal with this project is, but I recommend checking it out if you're into subtle musical experimentation.

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