Fracasos - albums

Clean Dirt No Rock

Clean Dirt No Rock features Fracosos venturing into avant-garde experimental territory. There is less of the punk-rock aggression seen in past projects chief instigator Aaron Tanner has been involved in the past, such as Meat Dept, Fernspank, and The MoFS. Indeed, the album is more progressive and noisy compared to efforts by the aforementioned projects. All the five songs in this album have something interesting going on. The only downside to its album is its length: I want more!

El Sexy

El Sexy is a polished version of Fracasos which shows tremendous growth compared to their first demo, Clean Dirt No Rock. The Residents-like vocal inflection and minimalism are the hallmarks of this album, strongly complemented by a jazzy rhythm section, which altogether leads to a novel and innovative sound. After hearing many projects involving Aaron Tanner, the key conspirator behind Fracacos, I have to say that this is one of the best and it constantly amazes me how the music continues to grow. One of the best underground releases of 1999.

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