Greatest Hits

Dubonics is a band with a similar aesthetic to bands like Farces Wanna Mo, Carnage Asada, and Runaway Weiner Dog. Mixing pop-hooks with dissonant noise, this 19-song release stands out as a great example of experimental lo-fi. Highlights of this album are The Tort of Negligence (which has a cool percussive rhythm), Busted (sounds a bit like something Primus would do, especially the vocals), Up in Your Window (a great sing-a-long tune), Balls (a somewhat different version of AC/DC's Big Balls), I Cut Off My Finger (great guitar work), and Shook Me All Night (yet another AC/DC "cover"). What makes this album worth listening to is the flashes of brilliance that erupt every so often, especially in the guitar work. This is one of the best underground albums of 1997. Don't miss this one if you're a lo-fi noise fan.

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