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This is a very cool album. It has my favourite tune by the Pogues on it: Turkish Song of the Damned. Their folky-punky sound is clearly evident on this compilation and this album is an essential for any fan of music, and especially so if you are into Irish Folk music.

"Did you keep a watch for the dead man's wind?
 Did you see the woman with the comb in her hand?
 Wailing away on the walls of the strand
 as you danced to the Turkish song of the damned."
             ---Pogues, Turkish Song of the Damned

Waiting for Herb

Most people would consider this Alternative music, but it's more closer to folk music, IMO. They're an Irish group and they have a variety of instruments such as the Banjo, Accordion, and the Mandolin, besides the usual instruments you find in any rock band. They're very distinctive sounding (clear and lucid) and have excellent tunes. Well worth checking out if you want to hear music of the young people but can't tolerate abrasiveness.

Pogue Mahone

This is the second album that the Pogues have put out since Shane MacGowan left, and like its predecessor Waiting for Herb, it's extremely consistent good music. The title (which was the band's original name) in Gaelic translates to "kiss my ass", and it could well be a message to those who think they can't do it without Shane MacGowan. Spider Stacy continues handling most of the vocal duties, and he does a damned fine job of it. The punk edge that MacGowan brought into the band is gone, but it has been replaced by a stronger folk-rock aesthetic. The emotionally-charged songs are as catchy as ever, but also have a great deal of depth. How Come, Bright Lights, Living In A World Without Her, and When The Ship Comes In are all standout tracks, bound to appeal to any Pogues lover. Highly recommended!

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