Five Cent Buddha

Buddha One

Unlike many four-track DiY "experimental" recordings, this one doesn't come off as an extended doodling session. The songs are distinctly set apart, but yet the continuity in the album is maintained fairly well. Five Cent Buddha is mostly Phil Riley, who takes upon himself the task of deconstructing progressive and classic rock. Parts of the songs seem to be derived from various works in the aforementioned songs, including Pink Floyd, ELO, Blue Oyster Cult, and the Beatles. I am not sure if all of this is intentional or not, but it definitely fits in well with their theme. The music is overlayed with spoken word excerpts from various sources, making for an eerie and interesting effect. Particular favourites of mine are Destination Moon, The Straw that Broke the Nervous Wreck, and Supersonic Rocketship.

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