John the Baker with Slimy Penis Breath


When I first got the record, I looked over the PR material that was sent along with it. Apparently John "the Baker" was arrested while singing songs from his self-promoted tape titled "She Hates My Music." The local constabulary in Woodstock, NY (of all places!) took offense at his lyrics and arrested him. In the end, John walked away the victor as the town settled out of court over the lawsuit he filed against them.

My immediate reaction after reading all this this would be a mediocre record, and that John the Baker was capitalising on the "shock value" of his lyrics than any raw talent (like a certain someone we know).

After hearing the first riffs, I was pleased to discover that my initial apprehension was completely unfounded. Even without the lyrics, this is tight, fun punk rock along the lines of the Ramones and Sex Pistols (with a bit of Motörhead). There are some nice metal touches and good guitar work in songs like Resurrecting James Brown and Century 21 Scum.

The PR material adds that the lyrics are a rant from start to finish. And while that's true, John the Baker touches upon some serious issues in a highly sarcastic and effective manner. As the album says, this is lo-fi at its best. Definitely worth a spin.

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