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Proteomusic: twisted music inspired by genomes and proteomes (in progress; 2 songs are done)
Inspired by biological structures.
Twisting in the Wind: pseudointellectual commentary on the state of society (in progress; 5 songs)
The second album.
Twisting under the Covers (in progress; 2 songs)
This is a collection of covers and it's definitely a work in progress.
Traversing a Twisted Path (3/1996)
22 tracks with 70 minutes of music. Essentially Twisted Demo v1.6 plus 5 additional tracks: I, the State, am the People (s), Morals are Arbitrary, The Rap of the Morons, All the Things in My Room, and The Last Prime. Removed The Lie (v2) and added a second version of I, the State, am the People (p).


Gear Addicts Anonymous ( compilation no. 2) (1/2001)
compilation featured Love: infatuation in a societal guise and Relationships: the lie within a sado-masochistic ritual.
Main Site (2/1998)
compilation featured instrumental versions of Morals Are Arbitrary, Walking in the Dark, I, the State, am the People. Released by DMR Diversions.
Homebrew Vol 2:I Hear the 80's Are Making a Comeback (8/1997)
compilation featured a cover of Camper Van Beethoven's Love is a Weed. Released by Buttmunch Records.
A Donkey's Ass (?/1997)
compilation featured Hate Session 1: Song in Head and Hate Session 2: Furball in Throat. Released by Psycho Records.
Homebrew Vol 1: Adventures in Lo-Fi (10/1996)
compilation featured Emanon and Lynno and Reeno. Released by Buttmunch Records.
Instability is Inherent: 60 Minutes of Noise (8/1996)
compilation featured my version of Für Elise. This compilation also features 60 seconds of music by 60 bands.
Information Superhighway Stars - A Tribute to Deep Purple (11/1995)
featured Stormbringer, as Twisted Product.

Demos/early works/miscellaneous

Twisted Demo v1.6 (10/1995)
All the songs in v.15 plus Walking in the Dark and Hate Session 2: Furball in Throat. Removed Let us Blame God (v2).
Twisted Demo v1.5 (8/1995)
All the songs in v1.4 plus 4 Primes and Hate Session 1: Song in Head. Removed Don't You Believe in Me (v2).
Twisted Demo v1.4 (7/1995)
All the songs in v1.3 plus Kill 'em All (and Let God Sort 'em Out)
Twisted Demo v1.3 (5/1995)
All the songs in v1.2 plus Emanon and Für Elise
Twisted Demo v1.2 (5/1995)
All the songs in v1.1 plus I saw Kobain in a 7-11
Twisted Demo v1.1 (3/1995)
All the songs in v1.0 plus Tick in My Head 1, Tick in My Head 2-3, and Lynno and Reeno
Twisted Demo v1.0 (1/1995)
Noises (v1 and v2), Let us Blame God (v1 and v2), The Lie v1 and v2 (v1 and v2), and Don't You Believe in Me (v1 and v2)
Alternate versions of the above 4 tracks

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