Kill 'em All

This song was written in light of the Exon bill. It's a bit preachy, but I don't take myself that seriously. A piece of art based on this song has been created by John Heyer.

The whole world is going down the drain,
'cause they're fucking around with your brain,
and all you can do is cry in the rain.

They take away your freedoms one by one,
with false promises of everything under the sun,
and soon you'll be left with none.

They try to take away the freedom to your own life,
your freedom to look at them behind a gunsight,
could this be 'cause they're  afraid of your might?

Some politician says "these lyrics aren't right."
And the people, like sheep, agree without a fight.
They whine, but it's all bark and no bite.

All the morons in suits of suede, suits of suede,
appease you by saying "we're doing this for your own good.
It's our job; we've got to clean up the neighbourhood."

But all they do is impose their inane notions on you without a clue.
Hey, why not pass a law to remove something they disapprove.
It sure seems easy to hide the truth.

Kill 'em all (let god sort them out)!

Every day I see there's something new restricting us all:
"All the people must do this, it's the law!
And we who enforce it, of course, have no flaws!"

No rhyme or reason is given---just blind obedience
is expected. Will it ever make any sense?
Do they really think everyone to be so dense?

Thus it's time to take the law in your own hands.
Protests, and organisations, all live in compliance.
It's a cliche but make a difference; take a chance.

To live like sheep might appeal to some, but
there's no point in bleating, it helps no one.
Fight back on your own.  Do it on with your gun.

Kill 'em all (let god sort them out)!

Music and lyrics: Ram

TWISTED HELICES || Ram Samudrala ||