Walking in the Dark

Suburbia and Subdivisions.

Walking in the dark
it's cold outside.
I see the tiny spark
of a firefly.
I hear the echo of
the crickets' cry.
It moves me as much as
Primus' Frizzle Fry.

Walking in the dark
beneath the moon and the stars.
The sound of a doggy bark
greets me from afar.
The smell of cut grass
permeates my nose.
I almost trip over
someone's garden hose.

Walking in the dark
the sprinklers go off.
I'm pondering the nature
of the lepton and the quark.
Through the darkness
cuts a car's beams.
I hear the sirens scream
I wonder what it means.

Music and lyrics: Ram

TWISTED HELICES || Ram Samudrala || ram@twisted-helices.com