Let us Blame God

The catch phrase of this decade seems to be "get over it". But who exactly is this being addressed to?

God made us programmed automatons,
products of personal history.
Garbage in means garbage out.
Condemned to predictability
forever and ever.

Let us sing praise
in worship of righteousness.
Let us trade excuse
for true forgiveness
and blame for responsibility.

For all my reasons and excuses,
for all my dysfunctionalities.
For all my shortcomings
and my failures to be.

All of the times I committed treason
for failing to keep my promises.
For all of these and more he is the reason
(as it is written in the grocery store check-out gospels). 

Let us sing praise
in search of averageness.
Let us trade excuse
to wallow in abjectness---
all this stupidity.

Judgement day will be coming our way
when god is on a daytime talkshow
at 2 o'clock this Tuesday.
But god will understand how
it couldn't really be helped.
That it really wasn't our fault.
That we really really tried.
That we really wanted to make it work.
But didn't get around to it 'cause
life must have meaning and reason 
else who else could we blame for all of this?

Music: Ram
Lyrics: Jonathan and Ram

TWISTED HELICES || Ram Samudrala || ram@twisted-helices.com