How does one separate the signal from the noise in the real world?

One day I was watching the TV,
I heard a lot of noise.
I realised it was from the 333
channels for every little girl and boy.

All these choices.
All these voices.
All these voices making noises in my head.

One day I opened my mailbox.
I saw piles of garbage.
Advertising nothing but useless overstock.
It was enough to throw me in a fit of rage.

All these choices.
All these voices.
All these noises leaving me for the dead.

Walked down the supermarket aisle
Tabloids screaming: "Cobain seen in a shopping mall."
and "Michael Jackson is sterile."
I decided this wouldn't do at all.

So I bought myself a computer.
[Intel inside, intel inside, every single one of us, Intel inside.]
Found a way to get rid of this strife.
It does anything I tell her.
Thus I disconnected myself from real life

Music and lyrics: Ram

This is the first song I've ever written and thus there's another version on the album that is somewhat different.

TWISTED HELICES || Ram Samudrala ||