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Love is a Weed (3:28)
This is supposed to be a cover of Camper Van Beethoven's song of the same name, but this has little similarity to the original (except for the lyrics). An echo flanger once used by the Residents for processing vocals is used by me for the same purpose.
Stormbringer (3:28)
An "industrial sounding" cover of the Deep Purple classic, recorded with Brian.

This work is released in accordance with the Free Music Philosophy; there is no abridgement on your freedom to copy, modify, distribute, and use this work, for any purpose (commercial or noncommercial).

All instruments (vocals/guitars/keyboards/programming) by Ram. Guitars and drum programming on Stormbringer by Brian. All songs were recorded, mixed, and produced by Ram. Graphics and design on this page and on the album also by Ram. Moral support and guidance: Brian and Maureen.

Thanks to Brian and Maureen.

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