Here are snippets of what people have been saying about TWISTED HELICES' music since 1993:

"Observe the crisp production of Twisted Helices' post-Pretty Hate Machine angry keyboard jive and Primus-meets-Residents guitar/noise terrorism that make their hypersound." --Michael Stutz
"Abusively addictive, absurdly realistic and confusingly abstract, together at once." Music Webzine
"Way crazy music... excellent cover too" --Trey Gunn of King Crimson
"It might just change your idea of what music is and what it should be" --Kathode Ray Music Reviews, July 1996
"This twisted compilation is a mesh of figurative lyrics with a true DIY sound and a distinguished vocal style" --Banned Thoughts, May 1996
"This music is born of punk, techno, world, and experimental music influences. The blend of music styles is cosmic and enchanting, a perfect soundtrack for any contemporary setting." --DC Music WWWeb, May 1996
"I can only think of a handful of folk who have such an original vision of music and manage to successfully pull it off" --Aiding and Abetting #105
"Twisted Helices walks across genres as wide and disparate as industrial, jazz, synth-pop to name only a few" --Sonic Boom
"Unique and innovative... the production value was impressively high for a four-track recording" --Larkspur Recordings
"It's like having a warped record, but somehow being able to play only the warped part, dissecting it and discovering new sonic territory" --Gajoob's DiY Report
"A swirling soup of psychedelia, progressive rock and Venusian pop" --Jim Santo, Demo Universe
"Ravi Shanker meets The Residents meets Primus" --DC Music WWWeb, December 1995
"This music absolutely ROCKS!! The best indie stuff I've ever heard"--Simon Speichert
"Reminds me of the early twisted phase of Pink Floyd" --Twitching Reality
"Super stuff!" --Tom Dean, Asst. M.D. WOUI
"Convincingly psychotic" --Hoxhacult
"This is really weird. Sounds like a dancier Ween. Words cannot describe how cool it is" --Hmmm...
"This is the type of music that'll stick in your head for days, even weeks" --Banned Thoughts, June 1995
"Samudrala is a highly creative guy who makes cool music" --Aiding and Abetting #70
"Ram roolz! Noises is cool as @#%*!" --Tony Darc of Borgia Popes
"Your songs are some of the most creative stuff I've heard in a long time" --Denny Fohringer
"[The lyrics] possess a quirky astuteness without becoming too analytical and self-important" --Melissa Barberre
"The bastard child of Ween and the Residents" --Russ Granger
"It's apparent Ram is having a GREAT time with his music" --Improvijazzation Nation
"Pop music that has been run through a blender" --Independent Music Reviews
"The photo cover is a perfect embodiment of the music expressed" --Carmela Demsey

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