Tick in My Head 2-3

This is my satiric tribute to Ween. The music you are listening to was recorded on a 4 track; each track was recorded independently of the others with only the start position given and no click track. Also, it was recorded in a single continuous take for each of the three parts of this song, so it leads to natural syncopation of the tracks since my timing each time isn't the same (in other words, I'm playing the guitar without listening the synthesised drums (which are also played by hand) and vice versa). This applies in general to a lot of the music on this album, but the syncopation and dissonance here stands out and can be "caught".

I've got a tick in my head.
He's been sucking on my head.
By the morning I'll be dead,
if he doesn't leave my head.

Why can't he go away?
Does he really have to stay?
Maybe he just wants to play
But I can only really say:

Get out of my head, you tick!
You make me wanna take a stick
and give you lots and lots of licks.
Beat you with my fucking dick.


But the tick isn't leaving my head,
he's wanting me for the dead.
After all that I have said,
I think i'm gonna goto bed

and hope that he'll fly away.
Wonder if it'll be today.
I just gotta make a breakaway.
I'm not making any headway.

The tick has really made me sick.
Wonder why he's such a prick.
I guess I gotta take a brick.
And slam him really really quick.


I feel like a featherhead,
this blasted tick in my head.
Beat him till he's still as lead.
He'll be the one who's among the dead.

If he's still around another day,
I'm gonna take a gun and fire away.
Send him on a one-way airway
via the information superhighway.

I've had it I'm really really sick,
of dealing with pricks and playing with ticks.
I think I'm gonna flick my bic,
light my head up like a candlewick.


Tick sucking in my head!
In the morning I'll be dead!
Gotta fill him with tons of lead.

Why doesn't he go away?
I just  gotta fire away.
Kill him so I can be gay.

Got him out that fucking dick.
I got rid of the bloody tick
Now he's dead as poor Yorick

I knew him well.

Music and Lyrics (except for the first 7 lines): Ram

TWISTED HELICES || Ram Samudrala || ram@twisted-helices.com