This is a tribute to Edward Lear.

As she woke and dreamt
of that sunlit night,
she swam on the beach
in pale, dim sunlight.

The birds in the water,
the fish in the air;
both flying and swimming
with moderate flair.

She ate ripe papaya
'til hungry again.
Watched as the sky cleared,
made room for new rain.

She took out a novel;
read it last page to first.
Spoke with a lobster
who was fairly well versed.

The rain did stop coming;
the clouds came anew.
An upside down rainbow;
her last perfect view.

A beautiful memory
of the glorious day.
A cold, wintry morning
that first week of May.
She couldn't stop yawning,
somewhat sad but yet feeling gay.

Music: Ram
Lyrics: Maureen and Ram

TWISTED HELICES || Ram Samudrala || ram@twisted-helices.com