The annotated Primus discography

This will list stuff done by Primus and its band members. The annotations are obtained from various places around the net. The way the discography is organised is as follows: for any album/item name, there is a short comments list, of which the song list is a part of. If there is sufficient information, a separate page will be created for the item and you will see a clickable link to this page. All comments related to the item will be on this page. Read the warnings before you buy any bootlegs.

Studio releases

Compilations, EPs, promos, and singles

Collaborations and side projects

Demos and early works


TV/video appearances

Bootleg/import CDs

See the listing of all the Primus live shows for more information.

Bootleg audio tapes

Bootleg video tapes


The person who started this is Brady Gaughan. So a very special thanks goes to him. I converted it into HTML, added the annotations, and will continue to maintain this in HTML. Please mail any additions or deletions to him and to me. All other credits are listed on the credits page.

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