Annotation for MTV Headbanger's Ball 1991

From: (Adrian Karstan Likins)

    I was looking at your discography and noticed the list of tv
appereances. I recongized the spring break and the Dennis Miller
entries because I have them on tape. But I also have Tape of Primus on
Headbangers Ball on Mtv from around the time Sea of Cheese came
out. It had some interview segments and some live performance footage
(no full songs, but a minute or two of some).

      I belive they were also on Headbangers Ball around the time
Frizzle Fry came out, I believe the host had a short inteview with
them. I have never seen or heard of this since though so I may be

There was also a Mtv News story about them right when Frizzle Fry came
out. They showed them playing Mr knowitall( thats what got me into
primus) and then jamming with Kirk Hammet(metallica) later on.

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