Annotation for Shrimp Cocktail-A Prawn Song Appetizer

From: (Jason R. Rush)

1) I have a Primus-related promo CD that I noticed was not on your
discography.  It's titled Shrimp Cocktail-A Prawn Song Appetizer and
it was put out for the GAVIN convention last spring.  All the tracks
were produced by Les Claypool in his From the Corn Studios.  Here's
the track listing with as much info as I know

	1. M.I.R.V. - "Shave my Face Off". Mirv is the former
guitarist from the Limbomaniacs, Brian Kehoe, who was in a band called
Curveball plays guitar, and I think Les plays bass, but I'm not
positive because there's no liner notes on this promo disc.

	2. Sausage - "Riddles Are Abound Tonight".  Sausage is the
original incarnation of Primus which you probably already know by
now.  Les Claypool on bass, Todd Huth on guitar, and Jay Lane on

	3. Charlie Hunter Trio - "Fred's Life".  Charlie Hunter is a
really cool jazz guitarist (he plays a 7-string guitar), and Jay Lane
of Sausage plays drums. I'm not sure who plays sax.

	4. Alphabet Soup - "Walkin' Roots".  A cool funk-jazz-hiphop
combo from San Francisco that features the wonderboy Jay Lane on

	5. From the Corn - "Carolina Do Nutt'n Worm".  This is perhaps
the most interesting track here.  From my undertanding this is Les
Claypool solo (ie. playing all the instruments).  Lessy-boy plays
bass, drums, and feed-back guitar and there's some weird fishing
samples on top of it.

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