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From: (Jason "Dick" Rush)

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(Jeremy Thorsness) wrote:

> Has anyone out there seen the DMV video.  I was at the filming of it (In 
> Berekely, October 93)  and you know Mtv, the do not do Primus any justice.
> also does anyone know where I can get a hold of this video, (something 
> like the Cheese Home Video)  

Well, I've seen it.  In fact, I have it on a white label promo-only
video single.  I got it from Interscope Records (I was a college radio
music director at the time).  As far as I know it's not available on
any videos like the Cheesy Home Video, so you'll have to look for the
white label promo video.  I also have one of these white label promo
videos for Sausage's "Riddles Are Abound Tonight" and NIN's "Closer"
(the director's cut). I'd like to try to get "My Name is Mud" and
"Mr. Krinkle" on video, too.  If you're from the SF area it might
interest you to know that Live 105 disc jockey Big Rick Stuart is
featured in the "Mud" and "Krinkle" videos.  Anyway enough random
mumbling from me.  Yes, I've seen the video shot at the Greek
Theater.  It's pretty cool.

Jason "Dick" Rush

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