Annotation for Madhouse

We believe all these CDs to be of the same show (all have the same track list). See warnings for an explanation:

Date: Fri, 28 Oct 1994 00:09:33 -0400 (EDT)

Tracks 1-7:   Holland, 8/27/93 at the Lowlands Festival
Tracks 8-15:  Europe, 1990

Total time:  	77:55
Sound Quality:	A

Tracks 1-7:
Bob, My Name is Mud, Fish On, Medley: Seas of Cheese + Mr. Krinkle, 
Eleven, Nature Boy, Herb's Little Drum Solo, Jerry Was a Race Car Driver

Tracks 8-15:
The Toys Go Winding Down, Frizzle Fry, John the Fisherman,
Spaghetti Western, Harold of the Rocks, Groundhog's Day, Tommy the Cat


"MASTER OF PUPPIES - 1990 Tour", Label:  Love & Money
A bootleg which is the second half of this show (Tracks 8-15) and has the 
final song of the show, "Too Many Puppies", which is not on "Madhouse". 

"EUROPE 1990/93", Label:  Red Line
The second half of this CD is identical to "Master of Puppies", only it
doesn't have "Tommy the Cat".

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