Annotation for Caca releases

From: Bill Lantz (

It's an on again/off again line up that varies but the basis is to
play the music of Frank Zappa. The 3 shows I have on tape are the only
ones I know about, but I know they've played others. Here's the info I
have on those 3 shows (all soundboards):

First Caca show 5/29/92 Berkeley Square
unknown band (probably same as below) with Les Claypool and MIRV
guesting on vocals. Les sang Jim Staffords Wildwood Weed. MIRV sang
Zappa's Muffin Man.

Caca 10/31/94 Slim's San Francisco
Ray White : Guitar, vocals (ex-Zappa band)
MIRV (Marc Haggart): Guitar
Butthouse (Tony Chaba) : Bass
Brain Mantia : Drums
Larry LaLonde : Guitar
Pete Scaturro : Keyboards
Matt Wheeler : Zappa vocals
Zoe Ellis : back. vocals
Brian Kehoe : The Devil on Titties n Beer

Caca 7/1/95 Shut Up n Play Yer Caca - Nightbreak, San Fran.
MIRV : Guitar
Larry LaLonde : Guitar
Butthouse: Bass
Brain : Drums

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