Warnings about buying non-conventional CDs!

by Raj Iyer.

A show listed as "Europe 1990" is released under many different names and on different labels. Be careful you don't buy fanother copy of it if you already have it. In my experience, "Master of Puppies" is the best release of it. The setlist in question is:

and is found in Madhouse (tracks 8-15), Master of Puppies, Europe 1990/93 (Tracks 7-14), Minotaur Records, Mushroom Records, Bundy Records, and Spaghetti Western.

Other duplicates to beware of: "Back in the Madhouse" and "First In Line" are the same show. "Back In the Madhouse" contains more of the show and is of better sound quality.

The second halves of "Gone Fishin'" and "Here Come the Bastards" are identical ("Harold of the Rocks" through "Tommy the Cat").

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