Annotation for Burning Up!


Last week I bought a bootleg CD of Primus and I saw that it wasn't in
the discography. Here is some info about the bootleg:

Title : Burning Up! Live at Woodstock 1994
Playingtime : 72:50
From : Razor Blade (rb502)
Soundquality : A- and A
Tracklist: (1) Bob
           (2) My name is Mud
           (3) Jerry was a race car driver
           (4) Seas of cheese / The air is getting slippery
           (5) Nature boy / Skinny
           (6) Herbs little drum solo
           (7) Harold of the rocks
           (8) Master of puppets (Metallica)
           (9) Those damned blue collar tweekers
           Bonus tracks :
           (10) All the toys go winding down
           (11) Frizzle fry
           (12) John the fisherman
           (13) Spaghetti western
           (14) Mr. Know it all

Track 1-9 recorded at Woodstock 1994 
Track 10-14 recorded during the U.S. tour 1991

P.S. When do those bootlegproducers stop with adding the song "Herb's
little drumsolo", because it isn't a solo, but the last part of
"Nature boy".

Greetings from Marc v/d Valk

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