Twisted Demo (v1.1) review in Banned Thoughts, June 1995

Be prepared to hear something really twisted once you plug into Ram Samudrala aka Twisted Helices' brand of synch [sic] pop. I hestitate to even call it "pop" but call it what you want, this is the type of music that'll stick in your head for days, even weeks. Ram's simple yet stirring keyboard sound makes for a unique type of sound, the kind you won't hear everyday, yet this songs mirror everyday life. "Noises" is about media overload, whether it be in the form of tv, junk mail, or tabloids. "Let us Blame God" is a lyrically sophisticated take on humankined and "The Lie" is about being in an abusive relationship. Much of this, however, won't be immediately apparent as the special effects on the vocals drone out much of its audibility.

Di's Pick: "The Lie". This song caught my attention the first time I heard it. I liked the catchy groove and it's got a certain type of suspense to it. Runner up is "Tick in My Head 2", an amusing little tribute to Ween with lyrics so pathetic, you've gotta laugh. Hey, if it gets the point across, that's all that matter.

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