Twisted Demo (v1.0) review in Improvijazzation Nation

Sixteenth Edition, Spring 1995.

Twisted Helices: TWISTED DEMO - 'nother net-related input. Ram Samudrala stands as an example of a "twisted" one-man band. Vox, guitarz, programs... Ram sez he likes to make "self-indulgent" music & "mix and match between genres". Ergo, "Twisted Helices". Not b-a-d, volkz! His guitar work is pretty clean... vox not terribly bad, just a bit muddled, probably intended to be a part of the "mix & match" he alludes to. The drumz are just a bit too "tick-tick" for my taste, but yer' can't have everything, I reckon! The most redeeming feature of "Twisted" is that it's apparent Ram is having a GREAT time with his music, & he certainly holds up his end of the D.I.Y. ethic (wotever'n'l THAT is)! Good fer' a quik spin! Side 2 is better/best! He's got a WWW home page, & that's probably the best way to contact him.

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