Traversing a Twisted Path review in Kathode Ray Music Reviews, July '96

One look at this disc's packaging and you'll know that it's "different." Just how different? Well... a lot. Don't confuse different with bad though... this disc is great.

How is it different? We'll, aside from the music, it comes packaged in an octagon casing unlike anything you've probably ever seen. It's filled with liner notes, lyrics, and the Free Music Philosophy. How's that for different? This guy wants you to copy his music! Of course, there are a few catches, but he's more concerned with passing on the music rather than making a few bucks. That's a nice change in an industry where new music costs a fortune and the artists who make it still end up broke.

Of course, who cares if it's free if it's not any good. IS good. It was also recorded almost entirely on a Tascam 464. This isn't pop music by any means, but it's a good example of what can be done on a 4-track and is especially enjoyable if you're into experimental music. It might just change your idea of what music is and what it should be.

Everybody reading this should at least take a look at the Free Music Philosophy. Those who are into new and experimental music or who record on 4-tracks should contact Ram via email or the Twisted Helices web page and order Traversing A Twisted Path.

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