Twisted Demo (v1.6) review in Gajoobs DiY Report #24

REVIEW: This demo acts as a work in progress as Twisted Helices (Ram Samudrala) intends to add more pieces until he's ready to release an album on CD. The tape I received sounds pretty much complete except towards the end of side 2. And, overall, the Helices sound takes some cues from "Lodger"-era Bowie, Adrian Belew, Robert Fripp and other guitarists/composers flirting with the SOUND of songs. Music that sounds like it's melting. It's like having a warped record, but somehow being able to play only the warped part, dissecting it and discovering new sonic territory. Samudrala's guitar work here is a constant treat, offering up real surprises that work in different ways. The tape as it stands now does sound unfinished, leaving the listener to explore along unbeaten paths, Ram himself seems just beginning to explore, which makes for a unique listening experience. RATING: 7. [...] REVIEWED BY: Bryan Baker.

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