"If for nothing else, get this for the funky CD cover - which is the most creative piece of work I've ever seen!" --Banned Thoughts, May 1996

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Buy now, listen, and then pay! The items you desire can be purchased by filling out the form below (prices listed are per item). Only single item orders are eligible. Clicking on the link will get you detailed information about the product. Orders submitted online must be submitted with a valid e-mail address which will be used to verify the order (to make sure no one orders merchandise in your name). If you have don't have a valid e-mail address, then directly submit payment for the items you wish to buy to the address listed below. Please test your order (it'll list shipping information, what you've ordered, the individual rates, and the total) before submitting it. Payment is due upon delivery (but you can pay earlier if you wish). You can return the stuff you bought if you're not happy with it for whatever reasons, but be aware that it is twisted avant-garde art that you're getting.

Due to the fact that most non-U.S. orders have not fulfilled their end of the bargain (i.e., sent payment), the "buy now pay later" option is applicable only to billing addresses in the U.S.

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If you want more than one copy of an item, or have other questions, e-mail for the postage rates.


You can submit payment using PayPal to, adding an additional $1.00 to the cost of item + shipping listed above. Payments can be submitted using credit cards also.

Alternatively, you can send payment (without the $1.00 surcharge) to:

Ram Samudrala
741 Lake Rd
Youngstown NY 14174

Please make all payments to Ram Samudrala.

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