Traversing a Twisted Path album choices

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Compact Disc with gimmick case

"The Traversing a Twisted Path CD is really cool. Not only does it contain 70 minutes of twisted music, but the diecut CD case alone is a work of art in and of itself." The cost of the CD is $5.00 + shipping. This is what it almost cost me to make. So there's no profit being made here. My goal is to distribute this music as widely as possible---not to make money off of it.

Compact Disc in vinyl sleeve

This option and the ones below are no longer available, so if you're one of the few people who owns the album in this format, you have a rare item!

If you don't care about gimmick covers, then this is for you. The cost of each CD (which comes with lyrics in a vinyl sleeve, which also looks pretty cool) is $3.00 + shipping. The packaging is such that it can easily be converted to fit into a jewel box.

Cassette Tape

If you don't care about gimmick covers and sound quality, then you can choose to get a 72 minute BASF chrome tape (with insert and lyrics) for $3.00 + shipping. I'm also very open to trading for other DiY efforts (in any format). This option is recommended only if you don't have a CD player.

Digital Audio Tape

I'm a big supporter of DATs, and I'll gladly make a copy for you if you send me a DAT (for the price of shipping). However, it is not the most economically viable alternative: if I purchase a 90 minute DAT from Tower Records, it costs me $9.00 each. So if you want me to purchase a DAT and make a copy for you on a DAT, it's $9.00 + shipping The advantage is that you can erase it if you don't like the music.

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