Compilation and soundtrack (P) reviews

Projekt compilation: Beneath the Icy Floe (V.4)

In the past few months, I've reviewed releases by various Projekt artists such as Love Spirals Downwards, Lycia, Thanatos, and Black Tape for a Blue Girl. If you've been curious about one or more of these releases, but wanted to hear more before you checked them out, then this is the definitive release to get. Based on what I've heard, I'd argue this compilation contains some of the best stuff by each of the artists featured on this sampler, which features a sampling of first ten decades of Projekt music. It's also in this setting that you can easily see which Projekt artists stand out from the strong gothic/ambient sound that is epitomised by the label. Thanatos' Von Stauffenberg, Black Tape for a Blue Girl's Fin De Siècle, Love Spiral Downwards' Love's Labour's Lost and Lycia's Pray alone make this release worth getting. There's some stuff here which I've not heard before (by Arcanta, Human Drama, and Eden) which also sounds quite intriguing. This is definitely one of the better samples of what is the cutting edge in gothic music today.

Pulp Fiction (soundtrack)

Any of you fuckin' pricks movie and I'll execute every mother-fuckin' last one of you.

This sound track packs a punch that is perfectly executed by Dick Dale performing Miserlou, nicely complementing the cool nature of the Pulp Fiction film itself. There some neat surf tunes (which is what makes it worth getting), including Bustin' Surfboards, Bullwinkle Part II, Comanche, and (written by The Ventures and performed by The Lively Ones), Other cool tunes include Jungle Boogie, Son of a Preacher Man, You Never Can Tell, and Flowers on the Wall.

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